Funny & Touching – Happy Birthday coworker message

Today the meetings, conference calls, and deadlines can wait for it’s your special day. Happy birthday to the amazing Coworker!

Happy birthday to you! I am so lucky to have a coworker and best friend like you. May all your wishes come true! Have a blessed new year ahead.

You have done so much great work for the company, and we’ve decided that it’s no longer enough to just call you a great coworker. You are a great member and are invaluable to the team! We hope that every day is filled with happiness, prosperity, and well-being. Have a great birthday and a marvelous year ahead.

It’s your birthday and all we want to do is put a smile on your face! You deserve all the blessings coming your way because not only do you do outstanding work, but you are also an outstanding person! Happy birthday to you.

You do not always have such good co-workers, so I feel very fortunate to labor with you. Thanks for all the things you taught me, and on the day of your birthday I want to tell you to have a very happy birthday.

Every day, time just flies at work. That’s because of you. You strike the perfect balance between professionalism and fun! Happy birthday to my favorite coworker.

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Co-workers are also like families, people we spend part of our time with on a daily basis. I feel honored to be your co-worker. Happy Birthday to the best coworker. Enjoy your special year.

Your kind of person is very rare, you never want to take glory for anything, even if you single handedly did everything. People like you always last longer in places. Happy Birthday, You are a great coworker.

Happy Birthday to someone who makes work feel like fun.

Funny & Touching – Happy Birthday coworker message Funny & Touching – Happy Birthday coworker message