Funny Birthday Wishes Wife – With Images

Dear wifey! Happy birthday. You will always be my Queen. And I suppose I will always be your domestic worker cum money maker! May our journey continue till eternity! Lots of love darling!

Happy Birthday to my lovely and supportive Wife! Dear, when I want to laugh, all I do is look at your face! Hahaha! I am sure you look at my face too when you feel like laughing your heart out!

You are the Nutella to my toast and the ice cream to my apple pie. Happy Birthday to my beautiful wife.

Happy Birthday to the only woman I would ever want as my co-pilot.

Happy Birthday, my beautiful wife. If we had been on the Titanic and only had 1 door between us, I would have made room for you and never let you go.

Roses are red. Violets are blue. I think my wife is awesome and great in bed too! Happy Birthday, beautiful!

Tonight, you can be the big spoon, sweetheart. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, my love! and just so you know, I knew it was your birthday even before I saw it on Facebook.

Happy birthday, my darling wife. Today is a testament that you are an expert at aging.

Happy birthday to my wrinkled yet gorgeously beautiful wife! Too many birthdays may have murdered your youth and wrinkled your skin, but I love you even more.

Happy birthday! Honey, now you are as old as your ancestors! More power to you!

For your birthday, sweetheart, I bought you a walking stick. You’re welcome! Happy birthday!

Do you need candles for the cake? I don’t think so, as your smile shall be enough to light up the environment. Happy birthday, Love.

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Happy Birthday, my wife! Today we celebrate and you are not allowed to lift a finger. Dinner, laundry, and cleaning will be taken care of, put your feet up and enjoy your day!

Funny Birthday Wishes Wife – With Images Funny Birthday Wishes Wife – With Images